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Coloring the Table

With two weeks left until Easter and Spring officially under way, I decided to decorate my newly restored dining room table.

I have been itching to decorate it with chalk. I went back and forth on what to draw and finally decided on a table runner with the candle stand as the centerpiece. It was so much fun drawing on the table with chalk. It reminded me of my college days… the table was just a big blank canvas. Except for this was a way cheaper than most of my art projects!

The candle stand had been sitting in the center of the table for several days. Wednesday, I decided to sit down and have a little fun. As I was brainstorming, I just decided to start drawing blades of grass sprouting out of the center of the table. One thing led to another and the grass kept going to both ends of the table!

I didn’t get too heavy on the greenery since it is for a Spring table runner. The best part was if I messed up or wanted to change something I could just wipe it down and start over! Oh, if only everything in life could be that simple.

I couldn’t resist pulling out this turquoise pottery to set the table with. It is Crossroads pottery and is made in Mississippi.

And since I’m not used to having a table that’s not completely covered up I made some impromptu place mats by spreading a cloth napkin out. I just love the way they look with the pottery. They could use a little pressing though. Oops!

The candle holder floats around the house for all sorts of decorative displays. And while I am not much for bunny or egg displays, I couldn’t resist hanging these decorative eggs from the branches.

(If you look in the background, you might catch a glimpse of a bunny that did make it out for Easter and another look at the pom-poms over the mantel.)

Michael Luke and I shared a nice dinner (baked falafel, rice, and zucchini) at our Spring table last night.

So because of my new chalkboard table top, I was able to add a little Spring flair to our table for nothing! I think I am going to like this method of decorating! If turning your table top into a chalkboard is out of the question for you, I have seen chalkboard place mats.

What about you? Have you decorated your table for Easter or Spring yet? Do you have a set of dishes you like to use for Spring?

Oh, and for anyone who might be wondering how my week went, I was able to get the house cleaned. Somehow I managed to find a little more free time than I normally have. Good thing because we have family coming into town this weekend! Here’s to hoping the house stays this clean for more than a few days.

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Flower Power

You know that feeling you get when you come back from a trip, and the house is in order… welcoming you back? Yeah, well that’s not exactly what I got Sunday when we got back home. The house wasn’t in bad shape, but it definitely needs some work now that all of our luggage and bags have been brought in and scattered in various rooms all over the house. It already makes the week ahead seem daunting!

We did have a great weekend though. Lauren, my one and only baby sister, got married Saturday!

I still find that a little hard to believe. Not that I didn’t have fair enough warning, but just the fact that it officially makes us grown up now! I am happy for her and her husband and think they make an excellent couple.

I was her Matron of Honor. Michael Luke was an usher. And Noah was the flower girl.

Isn’t Noah just precious? My sister found this outfit for her on Etsy. Noah made a great flower girl. Since she couldn’t walk, crawl, or ride (in a wagon) down the aisle, she recruited some help before the wedding. Her rocker/cradle was draped with green linen fabric. Then, netting with flower petals sewn in was draped on top of the fabric. So Noah was in a bed of roses. Beside her was a small table also covered in green linen fabric. Her flower basket sat on top of it with a sign beside it that said, “Lend the flower girl a hand. Take a few petals and scatter them along the way to your seat.”

Thankfully, I had timed Noah’s wake time perfectly. She cooed and smiled the whole time people walked by her to grab their petals. She did get a little sleepy (ok, a lot) right before the wedding started. Thankfully, someone had already volunteered to take care of her during the wedding. They made a little trip outside, so Noah could wail her guts out before falling asleep. All in all, I think Noah was a wonderful flower girl, and my sister got to walk down a rose petal covered aisle!

The wedding and reception were beautiful. My sister planned everything herself. She even designed and made the Save The Dates, invitations, and wedding programs. How many brides find time to do that?

So we had a great weekend, but now it’s back to cleaning, laundry, and cooking. What about you? Did you do something special this past weekend? Are your chores staring you in the face this week? Or did you use the weekend to get caught up on your chores?

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A Touch of Spring in the Air

You may remember at Christmas we got these pretty towels for our bathroom.

(More on that here.)

Then, I shared all my hopes and dreams for our little master bath. Who knows if we will ever get to all of them, but it’s fun to plan how awesome it could look in my head. The first little mini makeover I did was putting this piece of pottery to good use.

(More on that here.)

One of my goals was to incorporate the soothing aqua color from the towels in other places in the bathroom. For the most part we don’t have a lot of color: white tile, white toilet and sinks, white shower curtain, gray walls, and cream counters. I like all the white for now though because it acts as a base to build everything off of and looks great with the aqua found in the towels. But a few more pops of color would definitely be nice.

So I decided to give the cross we have hanging on the wall a little makeover.

It looked nice hanging up in the bathroom but really wasn’t working with the direction I wanted to head. Besides, I have had it since sophomore year of college! Apparently, I got it on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $9.99. So no big deal that I wanted to freshen it up a little bit.

The first thing I did was take a damp cloth and rub over it to remove all the dust that had collected on it. I really should take it down more often to give it a proper cleaning.

Thankfully, I had some craft paint left over from another project I did recently, so this whole transformation cost me zilch. Because I am completely accident and mess prone, I spread some aluminum foil out on the floor. The great thing about using aluminum foil is that it also works great as a place to pour your paint and clean-up is so easy!

During one of Noah’s naps, I got to work on painting and for the most part was able to finish it. Except that this happened to be the first day she started sleeping without being swaddled, so the nap was cut a little short. I finished it up during her next nap though.

A simple change in color really freshened this cross up. I just love how rejuvenating this color feels. So Springy!

And while it’s not a major change for the bathroom, it is a step in our transformation process. We are starting to get a little repetition going on with the aqua towels, pottery, and aqua cross. I think the cross also works great in the bathroom because it sort of has a foam look to the texture, which makes me think of waves and the ocean. In reality, it’s probably just some kind of cheap styrofoam… I mean I did get it on clearance at Hobby Lobby. But it adds a little pop of color to our bathroom.

While I was painting, I also did a little brainstorming of what else might look good on the wall with the cross. I think I might frame a Bible verse to the left of it. Who knows, I might end up hanging it on the left side of the vanity. Maybe I could use the frame to rotate my memory verses. I need all the help I can get memorizing scripture. Any suggestions on good verses? I already have Psalm 118:24 “This is the day which the Lord hath made. We will rejoice and be glad in it”.

So what do think of the minor transformation to the bathroom? Have you done any easy quick transformations lately?

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