Family Friday: Dollhouse Thoughts

Today is Friday, the day before Noah’s birthday party.  ML and I have been busy all week long putting the finishing touches on her dollhouse.  It’s been kind of like finals week in college without the endless eating of junk food.  We’ve been pulling some late nights and making a pretty big mess of the house.  And through all of this God found a way to speak to me this week.

Wednesday night when I was admiring Noah’s dollhouse I got to wondering what her expression will look like when she sees it.  Will it be a look of shock and awe?  One of those “wow” moments? Or will she simply notice it and head straight to the cake and ice cream? With so many hours invested in it I really hope to see her fall in love with it instantly but I realize she may just simply take note of it and continue on enjoying the rest of her party.

God loves to speak to me through my relationship with Noah and Michael Luke.  For instance, when Noah repeatedly whines about something and refuses to listen to me I am reminded that often times this is how I respond to God when I continue to disobey him.  And in the case of the dollhouse He reminded me how much time, thought, and detail He put into creation and most days I go about my business without even noticing it. Without telling Him thank you or what an awesome job he did.  He creates each new day for us to enjoy!  So wether you live in the country with a wide open view of God’s canvas or the city with a glimpse of the bright blue sky above and neighborhood park down the road take time to notice the work of our God.  He designed it for you to enjoy!

What part of your creation are you going to enjoy today?  I am looking forward to watching the colorful array of leaves falling outside my window, the wind blowing a gentle breeze into he kitchen, and the musical sound of the birds in my neighbors trees.

Take time to enjoy the beauty around you and have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. I’ll be back next Monday with another awesome giveaway and later in the week I’ll be back sharing all the details about Noah’s 2nd birthday party.

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