My Custom Phone Cover

This Summer my iPhone 4 practically bit the dust.  One day it fell off the couch, landed on the floor and the screen cracked into a million pieces.  Never mind the fact that Noah had dropped it from the kitchen counter several times before without any damage.  I had it coming though and thankfully it wasn’t that big of a deal because ML and I had already planned to upgrade our phones and switch cell phone providers.  While none of that has anything to do with the post it brings us to the point where after months of researching by both ML and me we decided to give the Samsung Galaxy S4 a try.  It is the competitor for the new iPhone 5S.  We never had any  problems with our iPhones but after having an iPhone for 5 years we were sort of ready for something new.  Plus we scored a really sweet deal at Sam’s Club.  So enter our new Galaxy S4.

galaxy s4

(Two months in and we both really like ours.)

With new phones comes new cases.  I had the Otterbox on my iPhone but was never crazy about the bulkiness of it or the weight it added to the phone.  Which is why I quit using a case with my iPhone last Winter which lead to me cracking my screen this Summer.  No regrets.  Anyway… with this phone I wanted a different case.  A pretty case.  A protective case.  A custom case.

custom mate custom coverI really though it would be easier to find good custom cases.  I knew from the beginning that I wanted a case designed for Color Transformed Family.  I would have been happy with a design and print at home option. Those do exist but for the ones I found I didn’t really think they offered the level of protection that I wanted for my phone because let’s face it… me plus a toddler equals destruction!

So I was patient and kept looking for the right one.  And finally I found it.

case mate custom cover

It’s a CaseMate Custom Tough phone cover.  Tough because that’s what this mommy needs. Unlike other custom cases that I had looked at this one has the design printed directly on the case.  They even have a section on their website to help you layout out your design, insert images, and adjust colors.  All of that would have been nice but thankfully my sister Lauren, at LH Formal Design was willing to give me a little graphic design help and took my design to the next level.

I sent her a sketch that I had.  It was basically a general gist of the idea I wanted to execute and from that she came up with this awesome design.

case mate custom case

It makes me happy every time I see it.  It’s thin, light weight, and shines like a jelly bean! Oh, and another cool fact about this case was the price.  It was only $40 and the shipping was free.  That’s not bad for a custom case.  CaseMate also offers custom case designs for all you iPhone lovers too.

case mate tough case

Here’s a shot of the of the inside.  The case itself is two parts that nest in each other creating a tight protective grip around your phone.  The case provides protection on all sides and corners of the front of the phone.  This was a must for my case.

You could really get your creativity going with designing one of these cases.  Even though I used my design to promote Color Transformed Family, you could have a family picture, inspirational quote, or a picture of your favorite vacation destination on yours. The options really are limitless.  And if you are like me and would rather seek the design help of a professional contact LH Formal Design through their website or Facebook page.  Doesn’t this make you want to customize your case? What design/picture would you use?

P.S.  I wasn’t paid or perked for this post. I’m just really excited about my new case and want you to know you can customize yours too!

P.P.S.  I’m working on editing the pictures of Noah’s dollhouse and hope to be able to give you a complete house tour by the end of the week. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “My Custom Phone Cover

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thanks so much for stopping by. Phone cases are amazing at saving us from all of life’s little “oops” moments.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Oh, I bet it’s cute! I was tempted to put a family photo on mine but I knew I would just want a new one once Esther got home. I’m to cheap to buy two so I decided on the Color Transformed Family design.


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