How We Told the Girls about Their Trip to Disney World

Last week we had the opportunity take the girls to Disney World.  It was a complete surprise to them. They woke up early Monday morning knowing they were getting on an airplane but had no clue where they were going until just before boarding the plane.

I’ve seen videos of parents surprising their kids with trips to Disney before and before having children of our own I thought it was because the parents wanted to make it the biggest surprise ever for their children.  While this may be true for some parents this was not the case with us!

We waited until just before boarding to tell them almost entirely for my sanity.  Our girls are still too young to tell or really comprehend time.  Four days is as longs as four months for them so no matter when we would have told them they would not have comprehended the length of the waiting process.  Surprising them this wait just ensured that we all remained a happy family.

Noah & Esther

Keeping this trip a surprise really got Michael Luke and me excited.  I felt much like I did Christmas morning before the girls opened their presents.  I mean, I spent months planning this trip.  I read blogs about “doing” Disney with Toddlers, how to handle Fast Pass,  where the healthiest places are to eat and all of this just added to my enthusiasm.

So how did we break the news to them?

Well, we planned to tell them before leaving the house that morning but y’all I had to wake up at five or five thirty… I’m not really sure because I don’t technically function at that time of the morning.  So, we were running a little behind because when you add a Krystle,  a Michael Luke, and two girls together it equals LATE!  We hurried out the door and decided we would tell them in the car but I decided against it when I realized we wouldn’t be able to see them well and even though I didn’t really think they would go ballistic about the trip I did want to film it.

By the time we got to the airport we had to rush to check our bags in, make it through security, and take a bathroom break before boarding.  Thankfully the Memphis airport isn’t really a booming place on a early Monday morning so we were able to do all of this in a hurry with enough time to sit the girls down at our gate just before boarding. Whew!

And now for the big reveal!

Even though we were super excited about revealing the news to them, I had prepared myself in case they didn’t display the same level of excitement I felt.  Despite the lack of jumping and screaming… come on, you know you were thinking there would be some of that, I think they were pretty excited and the excitement continued to grow once we boarded the plane and throughout the day.


We’ll just call this trip the 1,000 faces of Noah.

Preparing for Toddlers for Disney

Just because the girls didn’t know about our trip to Disney World in the weeks leading up to the trip doesn’t mean I didn’t prepare them for it.  How do you tell your child about a place like the Magic Kingdom when they have no understanding of theme parks and all the character’s there?  For starters they are huge fans of Disney Junior.  Watching it is a treat for them every time they visit the grandparents.  Next up we checked out lots and lots of Disney books. This helped them become familiar with the princesses and their stories.  I know some people would say, “Why didn’t you just watch the movies?” but Noah doesn’t sit through movies yet and neither one of them really enjoy the external conflict that are found in the movies. What’s the deal with all those crazy step-mothers and witches anyway? Finally, I found a great video on YouTube that gives a tour of all the parks at Disney World.

This video really helped our girls began to visualize what Disney World looked like and why it would be fun.  In the video above Esther even asks about dressing up like a princess…. that’s because she saw the part about the Bipity Bopity Boutique.  (Let me just tell you it’s TOO hot in July to go around dressed in Nylon looking like a princess.)

All of this helped develop a desire for our girls to experience Disney World and helped them visualize it when we told them.  Have you ever surprised anyone in your family with a vacation?  How did you reveal the trip to them?

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What’s in your supplement?

My family has been using Young Living Essential Oils for over a year and a half now.  With the incorporation of essential oils into our lifestyle we have begun to make changes in other areas so that we can maintain healthy bodies, minds, and spirits.

While many essential oils like  Orange, Peppermint, and Lemongrass can be used as supplements Young Living has also crafted an entire line of essential oils, all-natural vitamins, and product solutions designed to support a balanced, healthy life.

Back when I was pregnant with Noah my obgyn recommended a specific brand of pre-natal vitamins because they were quality inspected and tested.  Supplements are not required to have that done so often times there really is no guarantee that the bottle you are purchasing is what it says it is. Young Living’s products all come with the Seed to Seal promise which includes testing by Young Living and a third party so you can rest assured that the supplements you are choosing to put in your body are exactly what they claim to be.

That’s a pretty big deal to Michael Luke and me!

NingXia Red has been a daily part of our lives for over a year now and was the first Young Living product outside of the oils that we tried.

If you have ever been to one of my classes you know that it is my husband’s favorite YL product.  He loves the energy boost without the jitters and drop off that NingXia Red offers.

NingXia Red:

  • promotes wellness, energy, and vigor
  • helps energize/improve energy
  • supports normal cellular function
  • contains powerful ingredients that are involved in many natural antioxidant functions
  • supports good health and overall wellness
  • supports whole-body health support
  • supports normal eye health
  • helps prevent against oxidative stress

Over the past few months Balance Complete has become on of my favorite Young Living products.  It’s delicious mixed with water, milk, or added to a smoothie. Last month I filmed an entire YouTube video devoted to Balance Complete and it’s vegetarian counterpart Power Meal.

Balance Complete is a super food-based meal replacement that is both a powerful nutritive energizer and a cleanser.  Read more about Balance Complete here and if you are using some other protein meal replacement option I challenge you to do a price check and look at the difference in ingredients.  It just may surprise you.

Now, to the most important news of the day…



These beautiful new kits became available earlier today and include new, redesigned labels that make it easy to see the oil levels, a brand new and better than ever diffuser/humidifier, eight of your favorite oils that were originally a part of the Premium Starter Kit and three new ones that are some of my personal favorites (R.C., DiGize, and Copaiba).


Here’s a brief overview of everything included in the new kits…

I would love for you to be one of the first people to receive one of the new Premium Starter Kits.  Why?  Because my family is on a quest to lead a healthier lifestyle and we would love nothing more than to have others join us.  Take proactive measures with your health today.  It all starts with just a drop.

Click here to purchase your Premium Starter Kit or any of the oils listed above individually.  Using this link ensures that you will receive support and education information from me, access to my personal Facebook group where I share valuable essential oil information, AND a FREE bottle of essential oil send directly from me.

If you are wanting to learn more before taking the oily plunge check out my Colorful Droppers Facebook page where I share about essential oils and some of their uses.

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The Mr. and Mrs.

I loved our bedroom at our house in Birmingham.  The soothing blue walls and white bedding  created a calming atmosphere to help us unwind at the end of the day.

Sherwin Williams Rain

Michael Luke and I are enjoying the challenge of creating the same peaceful feeling in our new bedroom.  An apartment is temporary and for the most part people don’t paint the walls and whatever flooring is installed is what you are stuck with.  That leaves us with the coveted beige walls and cut pile carpets.

before bedroom

It’s not necessarily a bad thing though.  It leaves plenty of opportunity to incorporate color in other ways.  Once we finally made it past all the boxes and unpacking… that takes forever, we began planning ways to incorporate color and personality into our bedroom.

To start with we realized that our white bedding just wasn’t going to work here.  It didn’t necessarily look bad but it certainly didn’t do anything to enhance the place.  Plus,it gave Michael Luke an excuse to purchase a new comforter because ours was a weighty down comforter that gets pretty warm during the Summer months.

So, while we were in Birmingham last month visiting with friends we stopped at World Market.  I love the patterns and colors that can be found there.  We went initially to look at draperies but got side tracked when we saw this comforter and pillow shams on display.

bedroom 2

Mr. is my pet name for Michael Luke. So, we felt like they were perfect.

Mr. & Mrs. Pillow

The blue comforter also reminded us of the color of our bedroom walls in Birmingham.

bedroom  A new comforter is a great way to bring in color to the bedroom and it provided us with a springboard in selecting new draperies.  More on that later.  Another plus is that we bought the floor model because this particular comforter had been discontinued.  Which means we were able to get it at a 10% discount!

Mrs. Nightstand

Next up in our master bedroom makeover is draperies and then the addition of more artwork.  One thing is for sure though.  It’s nice to finally have a relaxing and calming bedroom to unwind in at the end of the day.

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