Focusing on Thanksgiving

FYI… IT’S THE WEEK OF THANKSGIVING!!! Did this sneak up on anyone else?  Ok, it didn’t actually sneak up on me but it did get here a lot quicker than I thought it would.  I have been extra careful this year not to use the “C” word (Christmas) around my girls until after Thanksgiving.

Why?  Because commercially, except for grocery stores, its almost a forgotten holiday.  And Thanksgiving is such a good one to focus on!  So we’ve spent the past few weeks talking about Thanksgiving.  I’ve been reading them one book over and over again that talks about why we celebrate Thanksgiving.

I love this book because of how simple it is.  It gives illustrations of what Thanksgiving is not and then ends with what Thanksgiving is… a time to give thanks to God who gave us everything. The girls really seem to enjoy it.

Another book that I love is Balloons Over Broadway.

This book gives the history of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as well of the science of making all those amazing balloons you see every year in the Parade. I have always been a sucker for the parade and look forward to my girls falling in love with it too.  Esther is most excited that after the parade comes a REALLY big meal.  She has a special place in her heart for food. :)

This week I plan to continue to keep the focus on Thanksgiving. To do this we are taking a break from our normal school curriculum and will instead be working on some Thanksgiving crafts and projects.

I searched Pinterest last week for some ideas.  I like projects that are easy, meaningful, and don’t require me going out and buying a lot of new supplies.  Here’s what I came up with.

Thanksgiving word and picture traceable



We have almost finished working our way through learning to write the alphabet and I thought this would make a fun review.  It’s like sneaking a little school in without them even realizing it.  Not that they would mind really. Noah and Esther go crazy for school.

thankful pumpkin


How cute is this?   This craft encourages the children to verbalize what they are thankful for.  Plus, from a mom’s standpoint it looks super easy!  Every once in a while we need one of those crafts that only takes five minutes to prepare.  

(no source found)

My girls are at that stage where they love tearing paper and then gluing it to a piece of paper.  They are also pretty huge fans of tracing their own hands. Something tell me this project will be a hit for them.Handprint-Footprint-Turkey-Kids-Crafts(source)

Paint!  Seriously when can you go wrong with paint and toddlers. Well, except that it’s normally a super stressful time for mom and requires a good bit of cleanup but the kid’s enjoy it.



Ok, I think I am most excited about this one.  The girls use as part of their school curriculum and have recently worked their way up to the color by number sheets.  Noah is pretty good at them.  I’m saving this little activity for the actual Thanksgiving day activities. It may help keep some little hands busy while they wait on Thanksgiving dinner.  Not that I would need to do that or anything.

So what are some of the ways your family focuses on Thanksgiving each year?  Do y’all have any special crafts that y’all like to do together?

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Color of the Year

Every year Pantone announces a color of the year.  This year was no different.  Radiant Orchard was chosen as the 2014 Color of the Year.

pantone-color-of-the-year-radiant-orchid-mainFor us in the design world this is huge. Why?  Because colors shift with trends and time.  The next time you are shopping for your home or clothes take a look at the main colors offered.  You probably won’t find Radiant Orchard but there is a good chance you will see lots of deep purples and maroons.  Which means if you are a Mississippi State fan now is an excellent time to stock up on your wardrobe!

So why I am just now talking about this color?  Simple.


I bought this back at the beginning of the year.  The year go away from me and I am just now getting around to putting it to good use.

Where?  Our home doesn’t exactly runneth over with great places to use Radiant Orchard but there is one place that immediately came to my mind.

noahs room 2

The girls room! You see that table in the picture above?  We bought at a yard sale for maybe $10.  I really can’t remember but it was pretty cheap.  I have had plans to refinish it (like our dresser) ever since we bought it almost a year and a half ago.  Well now’s a good a time as any.  That baby is about to get bathed in Radiant Orchard!




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Green Frogs And Smiles

My baby girl, Noah, turns three today!   Seriously, the time has flown by!  We celebrated her big day back on November 2.  If there is anything that time has taught me about birthday parties is that I spent way too much time on them the past two years.  So this year I took the easy road… and let me tell you it was wonderful!  Maybe the pictures aren’t spectacular but the sleep was.

frog party

In today’s Pinterest world of parties every birthday has a theme. Our’s are no different. First, there was the jungle theme and then the doll house them yesterday.  Both of those were selected by me.  I decided this year Noah was old enough to choose her own theme.

So after one birthday party filled weekend I asked her what kind of party she wanted.  She had just attended a ballerina and Frozen party and I had psychologically prepared myself for another Frozen one.  I just knew she would want just like that… because it was cute and what kid right now doesn’t go gaga over Frozen paraphernalia.  But when I asked her what kind of party she wanted this was her reply, “I want a green frog birthday party, mommy!”

Noah-Frog-party (1)

I was completely caught off guard but instantly hugged her, smiled, and said, “ok, we can do that.”  I double checked her several times over the next few weeks to make sure that a green frog birthday party was what she really wanted. I mean what if she changed her mind and wanted a brown frog birthday party or a green lizard birthday party.  Kids change their minds about as often as the weather you know.  She never wavered so I started pinning and brainstorming and looking forward to her Green Frog Birthday party.

This year I felt like the party needed to be somewhere besides our house because the kids really needed a big area to run around and play in.  So, I booked a reservation at one of the parks here in town and called it a day.  Thankfully, God chose to bless that Sunday with beautiful weather.  I mean not a cloud in the sky and almost a perfect sixty degrees.

I loved how easy everything was to set up and what a wonderful time Noah had.  She was so excited to finally get to wear her “Green Frog” shirt that my mom made her.


That was actually the best head to toe picture we got of her all day.  Plus she loved that almost everything on the table was GREEN!  This girl loves some green.

frog party

I kept all the food simple because it wasn’t like I was feeding anyone a meal or anything.

There were simple things like Frog Eyes, and Frog Eggs.


Muddy Water and Algae to drink.


Somehow I missed a picture of the algae drink but it was a hit.  I made a favorite that my grandmother used to fix at every family gathering… ginger ale and lime sherbet mixed together.  Yum!

Pond water and a fly trap.

20141102_132824 20141102_132829 20141102_132901

And Frog Toes and Frog Food (goldfish).  Nothing on my part required any cooking.


My friend who owns Junebug Bakery made the cake for Noah.

20141102_13283620141102_144203I loved the two frogs on top and the icing she made using Lavender essential oil but most of all I love that I didn’t take up any of my time.  She said it took her around forty five minutes to do the icing on the sides.  I’m pretty sure that would have taken me about six hours and looked a million times worse.  Just saying.

Noah and her friends had fun playing on the massive playground and playing fun games like Pin the Kiss on the Frog and Ribbit, Ribbit, Frog.  My sister, Lauren, from LH Formal Design made all all the fun pieces for each of these games as well as designed the invitations.  It all turned out so cute.

20141102_150412 20141102_133739 20141102_135059 20141102_145914 20141102_145841

All the kids floated on their lily pads for a while Noah opened gifts.

20141102_151308Well actually that only lasted for about two seconds and then they were all in real close to get a look at all the new toys.  And even though she opted out of a Frozen themed party, Olaf still found his way there.


The party was so much fun.  I loved it too. I loved visiting with everyone. I loved how easy the decorations were.  I loved the minimal clean-up and take-down times. And most of all I loved that Noah loved it!

20141102_133854 20141102_150921

Happy birthday sweet girl!  I love you!


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