Family Friday: Flower Girls

If you follow Color Transformed Family on Instagram or Facebook you know that last Saturday my girls were flower girls in a wedding.  For Noah it was sort of an “ok, mommy” moment.  She had fun, she performed her duty, but it wasn’t life changing.

Flower Girl Wedding Stories

The same cannot be said for Esther.

Flower Girl Wedding Stories

This was a dream come true for her.  She spent MONTHS preparing for Saturday!  Months.  We talked about everything that would happen.  What her job would be.  The fancy dress she would wear. Why people get married.  And of course the biggest party with the biggest cake she had ever seen after the wedding.  It had all the makings of a day to remember for Esther.

Flower Girl Wedding Stories

The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Friday night were the perfect combination to kick off her first wedding. Our plans went a little astray when the girls realized that they wouldn’t be walking straight to daddy and off to the side like we had talked about.  Secretly I knew this probably wouldn’t happen all along but I wanted them to always feel like this was something that they could do.  Instead Esther got to lock her eyesight on my cousin’s husband.  He was one of the groomsmen and he and his wife stood behind my girls during the ceremony.  Esther loves him because he gives her attention and is great with kids.

That was all she needed.  Knowing that he would be helping her at the end of the aisle gave her all the courage (and some) that she needed to be a flower girl.  Noah again was just along for the ride.  She drug her bell filled with flower petals down the aisle and  then said to me, “Mommy, that boy helped me up the steps.”  Thanks, “that boy!”

Both of them absolutely loved the rehearsal dinner.  Noah chowed down on a delicious salad and chicken and then headed off to play with her new markers and coloring books.  Esther soaked in the attention, chicken with bacon wrapped around it, and savored her entire chocolate dessert.  The chocolate dessert was pretty AMAZING!

They partied late but that didn’t stop Esther from waking up early the next morning.  I could hear her whispering with excitement, “Wake up, Noah.  We get to be flower girls today and then go eat a really BIG cake.”  I’m telling you it was like Christmas morning for her.  Saturday was her day to be a princess.

After a special orange roll breakfast we headed to the salon to get their fixed.  I didn’t even think it was possible but Esther ended up with curls.

Flower Girl Wedding StoriesIt was like falling in love with her all over again.  She looked like a little Curly Sue.

Noah thankfully didn’t mind the curls and had her hair partially pinned back to help keep it out of her face.  She was a little terrified to move her head in the car afterwards because she didn’t want to mess it up.

After hair, a quick lunch, and a nap in the car we arrived at the church for pictures.

Flower Girl Wedding StoriesEsther could hardly contain her excitement of getting to finally wear her fancy dress (that my mom made) and shoes.

Flower Girl Wedding Stories And on top of all that she got to wear a crown of pine needles and flowers.

20141213_150429She was totally in her element.  Noah didn’t mind but we were pretty much all holding our breath hoping she could keep the dress clean and on until after walking down the aisle. The clean part is a little questionable but she somehow managed to keep all her clothes on at the wedding and reception.

Flower Girl Wedding StoriesCould they be any different?

Throughout the day I applied Tranquil and Valor to Esther and Stress & Away and Valor to Noah to prepare them for their big moment.  Thankfully, they never showed signs of nervousness.  They played right up until lining up.

Flower Girl Wedding StoriesAnd then walked down the aisle scattering rose petals along the way. Let’s just say I was one proud mommy… with a few sniffles.

Flower Girl Wedding Stories

Now that they had made it down the aisle, I was filled with all kinds of new nervousness.  How would they act during the ceremony?  Thankfully they survived up front and even managed to pay attention during the vows but there were a few comical highlights.


Noah looking out at the audience and whisper/shouting, “Hey, Mommy!”

Esther wondering where the Smarties that she was repeatedly receiving were coming from.

Noah sticking her arms through the bows and then playing with them.

Or Noah propping her leg up on the low wall.

Or Noah lip singing to Ava Maria.

You know typical stuff that a wedding party does during the ceremony.

Flower Girl Wedding Stories

When we got to the reception Noah enjoyed the brides’s cake but most of all the grooms cake.  Esther ran up and down the row of food and just marveled at all her choices.  And then she saw the cake!  It really was a dream come true for her.  She ate the bride’s cake and then danced all her cares away with Noah.

Flower Girl Wedding StoriesMichael Luke told the girls to stand with their hands behind their back when the bride tossed the bouquet.  That’s one way to make sure they are not the next one to get married.

Flower Girl Wedding Stories Later that night Esther told me, “Mommy, when I get older I want to get married so everyone can come see me.”

Flower Girl Wedding Stories

It really was a magical day for her.  Noah had a pretty good time too.

Now, life is back to normal. Just a mom and two girls having pretend weddings and engagements.

This was Noah’s only flower girl appearance… her first was at just four months old.

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If there is a theme to my Christmas decorations this year it is RED!  It just sort of kept popping up everywhere and then I just ran with it.  I love it!

I promise, promise, promise I will keep this post short on words and heavy on the pictures.

So let’s get started on the Christmas tour!

The Fireplace and Tree

Red Christmas Decorations 4

Red Christmas Decorations 2Red is visible in the coffee table centerpiece, fireplace and Christmas tree.  I love how this reoccurring color ties the three together.  Oh, and just so you know it is a RARE occasion that our living room is this clean.  

We haven’t told Esther that the stockings will be filled with Christmas presents on Christmas morning because then she might notice that she doesn’t have one.  #momfail

My eyes are on the lookout for a temporary one until my mom makes her one for Christmas next year.

The Coffee Table Our First Family Ornament

Red Christmas Decorations 5The coffee table centerpiece just came together on accident.  I moved the tray to the center of the coffee table because we were hosting our small group that night and then I just placed the red ornament on since I didn’t have anywhere to hang it.  I walked out of the room and came back in and thought, “well that looks nice”  So it stayed. Red Christmas Decorations 3

While unpacking all our ornaments this year I realized that Noah has lots of ornaments.  So  I was really excited when my parents gave me this ornament with all our names on it.  What a special way to remember our first Christmas together.  Now, I just need to get Esther a few ornaments of her own.

The Mantel Red Christmas Decorations 6Red Christmas Decorations 7The Mantel is always one of my favorite places to decorate. This Christmas was no exception. Again, I love the red.  It can be found on almost every item displayed.

Red Christmas Decorations 8

And if you look closely you can even see a bottle of NingXia Red hiding up there.  I’m not sure if it will make it to Christmas unopened though.  
Red Christmas Decorations 9

The “Alabama” painting is my newest piece of artwork that I bought at a silent auction adoption fundraiser last month.  I hovered around the table just so I could make sure that no one out bid me.  I think it fits nicely with all the other decor.

The Dining RoomRed Christmas Decorations 10 The green buckets are left over from Noah’s birthday.  The only reason I splurged a whole $3 on them for her birthday was because I knew I would be able to use them throughout the year.  So be prepared to see them again. Red Christmas Decorations 11I like this simple arrangement under the lamp in the dining room.
Red Christmas Decorations 12We use Santa sparingly around our house but he makes a nice little addition to this side of the buffet table.  I used the sleigh as another excuse to display red ornaments and a small poinsettia bloom.

Ok, so that concludes the red part of the tour. I’ll be back later this week showcasing the kitchen, the girls’ room, and an adorable little tree in the master bathroom.

In the meantime, what is your favorite area of the house to decorate for the holidays?  Is it the tree? The Mantel? Or your Kitchen?  Did you accidentally have a theme pop up with your decorations?

Check out our other Christmas decorations throughout the years… 2011 (mantel, tree, table) , 2012 (tree, mantel, glass ornament), 2013

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Peppermint Sugar

We decorated our house for Christmas this past weekend but like most projects, the house ended up in a little bit of a mess afterwards.  So, I’m busy getting the house back in order and will be back later in the week with a Christmas tour of our house.

In the meantime I just had to share something new I have discovered.

Peppermint Coffee!!!

Why am I so excited about it?  Well first let me preface by saying a don’t drink a lot of coffee… it’s sort of like a special treat for me. I love it.  I really do, but usually if I drink for more than one or two days in a row I end up with a headache.

In case you don’t make a habit of keeping up with every detail of my life or are new here at Color Transformed Family (welcome!),  for over seventeen years I suffered from migraines.  It’s a whole other story and you can read more about it here. The short version of it is that now I am able to keep my migraines at bay by eliminating certain foods from my diet.

Occasionally, I splurge on my diet and treat myself to a cup of coffee or something else.  Coffee is a tricky one though because most flavored coffee contains artificial flavors and other chemicals that can give me a headache.  Boo!

So, I normally use unflavored coffee and stick to using just milk and sugar to it.  Friday I was craving a cup of coffee so I decided to treat myself. I poured my cup of coffee only then to realize we didn’t have any sugar!  And then I remembered that I had a jar of peppermint sugar scrub that I made a few weeks ago at a holiday party.  I took a few pinches and added it to my coffee, mixed a little milk in, and then took a sip.

Peppermint Sugar


It was delicious… and free of artificial flavors.

How?  Here’s the recipe.  Check out how simple it is.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

2 cups of white or cane sugar

¼ cup organic extra virgin coconut oil

10-20 drops of Young Living  Peppermint Essential Oil

Red food coloring (optional)


1. Pour sugar into medium sized mixing bowl

2. Add coconut oil until desired consistency is reached; stir

3. Place a few drops of peppermint essential oil into the mixture

4. Divide your sugar scrub mix into two equal portions

5. Add a drop or two of food coloring into one of the portions (be careful not to add too much!)

6. in mason jar, alternate pink and white layers of sugars to create a “candy cane” effect. Press sugar down with a spoon to compact between layers.

This recipe makes several jars worth so you can give the rest away as last minute holiday gifts if needed.  And the red food coloring is totally optional.  It does make for a cute candy cane looking presentation if you use the food coloring.  I used food coloring because I originally intended to use this as a sugar scrub… but now it doubles as sugar for my coffee!

The next day I tried my new concoction out on Michael Luke and he loved it!  His favorite part was that the peppermint was not super overwhelming but instead a light refreshing touch to the coffee.

You could easily add this to homemade hot chocolate too if you wanted.

For more information on how to purchase a bottle of Peppermint essential oil individually or for information on purchasing Peppermint essential oil as part of an amazing group of oils with lots of other goodies click here

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